The Spanish program at Hope Children's Center serves as an early introduction to the most basic skills required for communications using the Spanish language.

Some of the basic skills on which we focus are: greetings, manners, counting, colors, the alphabet, everyday nouns and some easy verbs.

Our goal is to model and instill a positive attitude in the children in their ability to enjoy the benefits of learning a second language.


Children at Hope Children's Center attend music classes on a weekly basis. Our music program helps children develop socially,cognitively and physically.

The children enjoy singing simple songs, playing instruments, moving and dancing to music, circle games and dramatizing songs / pretending.


Children attend a weekly chapel service beginning at 9:45am on Tuesdays and 9:15am on Wednesdays. Bible stories are shared with the children, songs are sung and birthdays are recognized. Parents, friends and family members are always welcomed.