Our goal at HCC is to expose our children to the Spanish language in a fun and creative way.  We do that by using songs, games, movement and stories to learn and strengthen our Spanish communication skills, Each child takes turns leading the class in a song, dance, chant or exercise we've learned.  Repetition is essential in acquiring a new language.  Developing the children’s confidence is equally essential and the way we accomplish this, is by providing opportunities for our students to succeed.  They are always eager and ready to be called upon to lead the class in all or most of our review exercises.  The HCC children are able to properly greet others, respond to greetings, use their manners and to follow simple instructions in Spanish.  At every class session the children will have an opportunity to feel successful in Spanish Class.  This happens at every class session as they recite their colors, numbers, Spanish alphabet, sing familiar songs and by working on our vocabulary through the use of flash cards and stories.  Our Spanish lesson plans are designed to hold the child's interest by ensuring that they are engaged in the process of learning and relating Spanish to their everyday life. With this early exposure to Spanish, our children eventually develop a facility for acquiring the Spanish language that stays with them as they continue to grow and develop long after they've graduated from Hope Children's Center.  We prepare our children for the globally minded world they live in and provide them the confidence and skills to one day master the Spanish language if they so desire.


The music room at Hope Children’s Center is a fun and sometimes noisy place. During our music time all the children are given the opportunity to sing, play a variety of instruments, and explore different types of movement. All the children at Hope attend music every week. They learn seasonal songs as well as chapel songs. The children are exposed to simple rhythms as well as high and low notes, loud and soft sounds and tempos. We also work on gross motor skills thru parachute play and ball tossing. The music teacher encourages movement as well as hand motions with all of the songs. The children present two programs a year where each age group sings their special songs as well as several large group songs. The first is our Christmas program and second is our Spring Sing in May. The music teacher enjoys making music class engaging and fun for all of the children.

Library Time

The Library is an exciting place the children come to hear stories. We will have stories that go with the Bible character trait, monthly color and different activities that the classes are doing each month. There is a craft that goes along with most stories as well. We enjoy dancing and singing songs to get the wiggles out before we read. We hope the library will be a place that the children will know they are Loved, Ignite a love for reading, Bring books alive with story- telling, encourage them to Read at home and school, Always choose joy, Remember that we are a child of God and that the library is a place where Your child will laugh and learn!


All children at HCC attend Chapel once a week. Our chapel time is held in the sanctuary and parents and younger siblings are welcome to attend as well. On Tuesday our chapel time begins at 9:45 and our Wednesday chapel begins at 9:15. After singing songs the children hear a bible story that is presented as a short play. At the beginning of each month we celebrate our color day and the children have fun guessing what is in the color bag. At the end of the month we have a story about our monthly character trait. After our bible story we celebrate birthdays, The children get to come on stage and we sing Happy Birthday and they get to pick a present out of the birthday bag.